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Our Mission & Vision 

The KIT Project mission is to positively impact the Social Emotional health, wellbeing and development of underserved black & brown youth in a way that is culturally relevant to those in marginalized environments.

Our vision - to foster and ensure that underprivileged youth develop social emotional wellness while aiding school communities with diverse curriculum centered on black and brown experiences and resources to deal with mental wellness.


We are driven by 4 key values...

We believe in providing marginalized youth and communities with access to diverse SEL opportunities and resources tailored to promote wholeness, empowerment and allow them to thrive within a meaningful life.


We believe in equipping youth with the skills needed to fully maintain their stress and anxiety by practicing mindfulness activities and maintaining a positive outlook on life’s situations.


We believe honesty
is a required practice in order to tackle life’s obstacles. We must maintain a level of honesty with self and within our social circles in order to fully break generational cycles.


We believe it is important to always look forward with grace, empathy and understanding remaining optimistic throughout your life’s journey.


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Our Approach

We are rooted in the science of Social Emotional Learning...


Within the educational system schools and communities are responsible for providing a continuum of services to students. This action creates a safe, stable and welcoming learning environment for all, nourishing the education, growth, health and well-being of the whole child. To do this, school systems and communities must integrate SEL, including trauma-informed practices, into all aspects of teaching and learning in ways that are accessible, sustainable, evidence-based, culturally responsive and equity literate. This creates the conditions where all youth can thrive and ensures that SEL approaches are not used to oppress marginalized social groups

We exist to help facilitate this. 

What We Provide

The Keep It Together Foundation provides “The KIT.”


This set of diverse social emotional learning tools serves the mind, bodies and souls of underprivileged youth by breaking boundaries, barriers and rewriting the cycle of generational trauma. These tools allow them to build meaningful relationships, the ability to maintain stress and fulfill a purposeful life.

Digital & Print Media...


Coloring books, SEL materials,  posters and other reading materials with illustrations that provide representation across all ethic demographics.

Diverse Curriculum...


Fostering brown and black experiences with courses that enable youth to gain an understanding of what it is to possess emotional intelligence, build meaningful and positive working relationships, be spiritually aware and foster mindfulness activities in their daily lives as a means to cope with stress.

Mindfulness Training...


We aim to provide districts, teachers and communities with mindfulness training and diverse social emotional learning curriculum used in classrooms, professional developments and organizational team building sessions.


Are you interested in partnering with us, making a donation, or becoming a sponsor? 

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