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Our Why

The KIT Project believes in the notation to educating the “Whole Child”. Author W.E.B. Dubois stated in his book “The Souls of Black Folk” that education is not just about instruction but “Full Personhood” development. 


Here at The KIT Project we strongly believe in the affects of what SEL does for the “Whole Child”, we also understand black and brown experiences especially for marginalized youth can look different to the rest of the world that has not experienced poverty, single parent homes, hostile drugged infested environments, immigration issues, racial profiling along with a host of other issues black and brown communities deal with daily.

So, you ask WHY? There are plenty of resources available regarding SEL but often those resources lack culturally relevant instruction. Repeatedly the SEL curriculum in most Title 1 schools reflect European experiences which do not relate to the “otherness” of the diverse students being taught in these marginalized areas. The KIT Project picks up that slack offering a culturally relevant diverse SEL curriculum filled with black and brown relatable experiences, training for teachers working with those diverse populations and culturally relevant literary materials in the form of coloring books, affirmation cards, reflective and anti-stress activities that relate to marginalized youth.      

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